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How it works

At your fingertip

The app uses your smartphone’s camera to record your pulse curve by detecting distinct waves of blood coming from the heart, travelling down the aorta and reflecting back in your finger.

Immediate results

From your recorded pulse curve it calculates the stiffness of your aterias and links this value to the age of your cardiovascular system. You can see the result age directly after your measurement.

Positive choices

Awareness is the first step to make positive lifestyle choices. You have a great influence on your cardiovascular age, e.g. with your eating and physical activity habbits or your smoking and drinking patterns.


With Cardiolyze you can measure your internal age within a few seconds and be part of the first scientific mobile study, realised by the TU Dresden in Germany, aiming to prevent heart diseases. In the future Cardiolyze will be able to detect your risk of certain cardiovascular diseases and events.

Millions of people die from cardiovascular diseases every year!

Cardiovascular diseases and events such as a heart attack are the number one cause of death worldwide. Cardiolyze has been scientifically developed to give anyone with a smartphone a tool to know their heart’s condition. Your measurements in the app will help to statistically validate the technology behind Cardiolyze and to change millions of lives.

Data security

Your data will be used and stored anonymously and for scientific purposes only! We will never sell your information or use it to advertise. Your results are private, secure and confidential!

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